Jhort Weather

by Rude Geeks

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Written and performed by Rude Geeks.

Recorded jan-29 & mar-18-2012 by Derek Örthner. \m/
Mixed by Dilan Rhodes. Mastered by Dan Cook.

Photography by Jen Jelfs.

"Gloom & Doom" film: youtube.com/watch?v=cMbCXx8BAf8


released May 12, 2012



all rights reserved


Rude Geeks Edmonton, Alberta

2010 - 2015

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Track Name: Keep Me, Keep Me, Keep Me
hungry emptiness swells within us.
despairing alone.
starved for validation.

comparing scars,
whispering forevers.
burying my weakness
underneath your skin.

swallowing your heartache,
drinking from your sores.
coveting our cancer
with greedy famished hands.

your scabs stick to the roof of my mouth—
feed me everything you are,
let me taste your sins.

broken adolescents
feeding on each other.

bodies ripe for maggots.
dead in each other's arms.
Track Name: Peter Pan Universe
i plan to go down laughing,
shitgrin smeared across my face,
greedy ruptured gut spilling out
all the crumbs of life that i ate.

growing up ain't nothing to scare
the kids in neverland,
but fuck getting bored and going stale;
forgetting how to laugh.

feral children with gutter brains
beating the devils who haunt these days.
Track Name: In Rudetero
waking every day
in the same dull shade—
sickening stagnation;
withering greys.

choking on static.
breathing dead air.

ashen corpse mouth,
eyes crusted shut.
shattered ears throb—
hollow echoes shrieking nothings.

your wretched absence—
that crushing void,
stripping my soul.

i am a coffin hearted coward,
a carrion banquet,
a nightmare ridden lover.

i need your blessed touch—
roll aside the stone—
my sacred ghost bride,
my lifeless joy.
Track Name: Ageless Stone
introspective paranoia—
where do my thoughts originate?

defiled volition—
greasy fingerprints behind my eyes.

spectral paralysis—
absolve me of all indecision.

voluntary disconnection—
unchained being immersed in ether.

keep your heart out of my throat.

no words will breach this silence.
Track Name: Life is Rude
drink from the shit cup—
i'll bet you swallow.

drink from the shit cup—
you'll choke it down.

amidst a drought that can't be quenched,
will you suckle upon a septic fountain?

cash-in imagined debts—
the life you hate is the one you're choosing.

you accept what you don't have to
and crawl when you should walk.
you aren't owed one goddam thing—
end your needless suffering.

i'm self-invented, motherfucker:
who are you?

drink from the shit cup.
Track Name: Mulder & Scully Are Raging Inside Me
cold nights. heavy lungs.
brittle fingers tracing
the contours of a pregnant universe,
searching for a seam.

there's power wrapped around these bones
that i haven't felt anywhere else.
there's power wrapped around these bones
a violent wellspring, frothing at the mouth.

hands clasped in faithless prayer—
lift thirsty eyes to heaven!
nothing's found but dying lights,
too frail and distant to illuminate.

nothing outside of being
can be touched through finite mind.
take your hands off of your throat—
you are nothing, you are everything.

what have i seen beyond?
only what i've felt:

there is only flesh
and what we inscribe upon it.
Track Name: Geek on a Leash
playing the victim or a willing martyr?

either way darling: i bled for you.
bearing your cross while building my own.
vulnerable devotion; love as obsession.

defeat only set in when i was left alone—
licking my wounds, watching colours fade.
you were my struggle, my aching solace—
discarded, left to drown.

always picking you up—
i was your crutch.
desperate adoration. craving your affection.
through half closed eyes your flaws meant nothing.
perfectly broken—
i couldn't ask for more.

drowning at the bottom of this well,
waiting for you—
throw me the rope.
Track Name: Gloom & Doom
"u look so sexy with that black eye :)"

and just like that
the skinny boy in the mirror
pushed his bony finger
into the bruised flesh
underneath my eye—
really bringing out the colours.

blackened blues.
purply hues.
sickly jaundice yellow.

she has an artist's eye for misery
and i'm her magnum opus.

paint me every shade of black and i will paint
fluorescent halos around your plastic angel head.

jezebel waits behind her burning altar.

bleeding hearts weep—
nourish the fire!

paint me every shade of black.
Track Name: Always Never Not Rewinding
a whispering ghost takes shape from pale twilight.
familiar words fall from her trembling lips.

you'd like to slip
into something
more comfortable
wouldn't you, wouldn't you?

she remains unchanged
repeating, repeating

clinging to your stillborn past
love lost to time, unbound

every moment dies at birth.
loosen your grip. watch them dissolve.