Blackened Blues

by Rude Geeks

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Written, performed, and produced by Rude Geeks.

Engineered, mixed, co-produced, and mastered by Tyson Travnik at the Sonic Dungeon.

This EP was conceived and birthed by four bros from Devon, AB. It was (lazily) forged at the Sonic Dungeon Oct 2010 - Sept 2011.

Cover photo by Kevin Stebner.

"Gloom & Doom" film:


released September 23, 2011



all rights reserved


Rude Geeks Edmonton, Alberta

2010 - 2015

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Track Name: Geek on a Leash
playing the victim or a willing martyr
either way darling i bled for you
bearing your cross while building my own
vulnerable devotion
love as obsession

defeat only set in
when i was left alone
licking my wounds
watching colours fade
you were my struggle
my aching solace
discarded left to drown

always picking you up
i was your crutch
desperate adoration
craving your affection
through half closed eyes
your flaws meant nothing
perfectly broken
i couldn't ask for more

drowning at the bottom of this well
waiting for you
throw me the rope
Track Name: In Rudetero
waking every day
in the same dull shade
sickening stagnation
withering greys

choking on static breathing dead air

ashen corpse mouth
eyes crusted shut
shattered ears throb
hollow echoes shrieking nothings

choking on static breathing dead air
your wretched absence
that crushing void
stripping my soul

i am a coffin hearted coward
a carrion banquet
a nightmare ridden lover

i need your blessed touch
roll aside the stone
my sacred ghost bride
my lifeless joy
Track Name: Keep Me, Keep Me, Keep Me
hungry emptiness swells within us
despairing alone
starved for validation

comparing scars
whispering forevers
burying my weakness
underneath your skin

swallowing your heartache
drinking from your sores
coveting our cancer
with greedy famished hands

your scabs stick to the roof of my mouth
feed me everything you are
let me taste your sins

broken adolescents feeding on each other
bodies ripe for maggots
dead in each other's arms
Track Name: Gloom & Doom
"u look so sexy with that black eye :)"

and just like that
the skinny boy in the mirror
pushed his bony finger
into the bruised flesh
underneath my eye
really bringing out the colours

blackened blues
purply hues
sickly jaundice yellow

she has an artist's eye for misery
and i'm her magnum opus

paint me every shade of black and
i will paint fluorescent halos around
your plastic angel head

Jezebel waits behind her burning altar
bleeding hearts weep
nourish the fire

paint me every shade of black